Intellectual Property Right


Specific Services of Intellectual Property Right
Kaipu provides strategical IP legal services, assists enterprises to tailor their own IP development strategies and intellectual property protection system, so as to foster a favorable company image help to establish corporate image, promote market domination, seek to obtain and maintain competitive advantage, and get the best economic efficiency.



Legal Services on Patent Strategy:
(1) Patent application;
(2) Enterprise technology import and export;
(3) Patent rights protection;
(4) Related legal training;
Legal Services on Trademark Strategy:
(1) Trademark registration;
(2) Trademark use;
(3) Trademark protection;
(4) Well-known trademark.
Legal Services on Copyright Strategy:
(1) Copyright ownership ascription between enterprises and natural persons;
(2) Application and protection of computer software copyright;
(3) Network copyright protection;
(4) Copyright transfer and license transactions;
(5) Neighboring rights protection.
Legal Services on Trade Secret Strategy:
(1) Cohesion between trade secrets and other intellectual property rights;
(2) Trade secret internal and external protection;
Legal Services on IP Investment Strategy:
(1) IP investment market positioning;
(2) IP as contributions;
(3) IP as financing tools;
(4) IP evaluation in shareholder-ship changes;
(5) IP ownership changes and tax avoidance.
Legal Service on Comprehensive IP Practice
(1) Investigation and complaints related to unfair competition;
(2) Domain name registration, protection and settlement of disputes therein;
(3) Customs protection of IP;
(4) Review and execution of IP international technology transfer contracts.