Contract management


Specific Services of Corporate Contract Management
 In accordance with the industrial characteristics and stage of development of the enterprises, establish contract management systems thereof;    
 Establishing and improving the systems of contract management, supervision and coordination;
 Design the necessary documentation contract management as follows:
(1) Contract management rules;
(2) Archive management rules of contracts;
(3) Contract management rules;
(4) Contract supervision and inspection rules.
 Contract management service includes specifically such as follows:
(1) In the phase of making contracts:
 Participating in contract negotiations;?
 Qualification review of the other party to the? contract;
 Drafting, reviewing, standardizing and modifying? contracts;
 Directing clients the process of making? contracts and getting clients reminded of possible legal risks.
(2) In the phase of performing contracts:
   Preventing and controlling risks from possible changes of contracts;
 Modifying and managing? contracts;
Updating archive management of contracts;
Resolving contract disputes.
(3) Contract management subsequent to performance:
 Archiving and recording contracts;?
 Contract management training.?