United States, Canada


North America is the most open region for Chinese investment and, for the first-rich members in the mainland of China, the most popular or even the first choice for migration and investment. The quality of some assets abroad is currently undervalued, and the RMB exchange rate watches a trend of steady rise, which provides Chinese companies a favorable external environment for the overseas expansion. As far as industries are concerned, manufacturing, financial services, intellectual property, high technologies, are especially appreciated, which can particularly provide Chinese enterprises access to cash, technologies and management experience. 
Participation of China’s companies, especially small and medium scale companies in investment in North America is still relatively minor. Their major challenges mainly come from inadequate attention to, understanding of or use of the local legal knowledge, management methods, market information or cultural background. As for North American public, their concerns upon China's product safety and quality act as the major curb on investment in North America of China's enterprises
Kaipu lawyers are equipped with first-class English, high quality of North American culture and rich reading and / or working experience in North America, have in-depth study of the legal system and the culture of North America, and provide many companies doing business in North America high quality legal services. In the areas such as the establishment of overseas offices, retail stores or other marketing network, joint-stock companies or joint ventures, business activities such as mergers and acquisitions, as well as promoting international cooperation in communication between the two sides, Kaipu lawyers have accumulated rich experience.