EU currently has 27 members, and is now China's largest trading partner and China’s fourth largest source of foreign investment. With the entry of other eight countries, it will ensure it to be China’s No.1 trading partner in the future.
China has automatic data processing equipments and parts thereof, clothing and accessories thereto, telephones, steel, textile yarn, fabrics and products thereof, furniture and parts thereof, footwear, ships and semiconductor equipment as its main exports to EU, and machinery, electrics and electronic products, aircrafts, motor vehicles and parts thereof, plastics, organic chemicals, iron and steel products, copper and products thereof, oxhide / horsehide leather as its main imports from EU. Mutual direct investment, project contracting and labor service cooperation has also developed rapidly.
EU is also the location of the original source and backbone of western civilization and a large region in the world with high degree of cultural, political and legal unity or convergence, which watches considerably much or high-degree relative gaps and conflicts between it and china, where human rights or even democracy issues will exert large or small impact upon the bilateral trade and investment. At present, EU is marching to a post-large-industrial era, which makes it become increasingly concerned about and even demanding with such issues as humanness and environment-friendliness of science and technology, industries and products.
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