Litigation and Arbitration


Litigation and Arbitration is one of Kaipu’s major services. Lawyers in Kaipu have rich experience in various domestic and foreign-related commercial litigation and arbitration, and can skillfully handle administrative and criminal litigation law affairs. Kaipu lawyers have successfully handled a large number of difficult cases for domestic and foreign clients which result in great social impact. Kaipu is not only experienced in various litigation and arbitration, but also able to come up with professional solutions for potential disputes.


Kaipu litigation and dispute services include:
1. Litigation:
Civil and commercial litigation: full participation in all stages of the legal proceedings, pre-trial investigations, preservation of evidence, filing litigations or counterclaims, pre-trial or post-trial dispute resolutions, application for execution of effective judicial judgments.
Administrative proceedings: representing clients in administrative proceedings, providing viable dispute resolutions.
Criminal proceedings: providing legal advices, suing or appealing, applications for bails, as counsel, participating in the proceedings.
2 Arbitration: Kaipu primarily represents clients in domestic arbitrations to participate in arbitration at the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the International Court of Arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce and other international arbitration institutions, and apply to judicial organs for recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards.


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