Foreign Investment


This is where many Chinese and foreign enterprises and individuals to provide legal services to foreign-related process, has accumulated rich experience in foreign-related legal services.
The number of lawyers who are the professional legal education in abroad or in foreign companies, law firm. They not only familiar with Chinese law, while the cultural background and foreign customers on the unique requirements of legal services with full and complete understanding.
The use of the language of many lawyers to represent clients address specific legal issues.
Kaipu in the field of foreign investment to provide professional services include:
• Foreign-invested enterprises or the project's overall design and legal due diligence on the investment involved in foreign investment, ownership structure, government approval, such matters as environmental protection and government incentives to provide comprehensive legal advice;
• foreign investment partners on the condition of the assets due diligence. On foreign direct investment in the relevant legal issues, including the form of investment, ownership structure, financing options, land use, taxation, technology transfer, equity transfer, customs procedures, labor relations and other legal services to clients;
• Project application and feasibility study report and other documents drafted; drafting, review, amend and foreign-invested enterprises set up investment in various stages of the project contract, articles of association and other related legal documents and involved in the talks;
• served as legal adviser of foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises to do the daily operation of the compliance review and oversight; assist foreign-invested enterprises to establish and perfect the legal transaction management system. For the foreign-invested enterprises involved in the daily operation of contract management, risk control, product liability, personnel management, legal consultancy services provided by the company;

• corporate restructuring, dissolution and liquidation of the legal matters. On foreign-invested enterprises involved in various disputes provide counsel services, investment agency or creditor to participate in the dissolution of foreign-invested enterprises, liquidation proceedings, foreign-invested enterprises to participate in various types of agency dispute resolution programs, participation in litigation and arbitration;


Focus Practices