Alexander Wang

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Handy: 15910727047;  
Education background:
1993-1997: Reading B.A. of English at Foreign Languages School, Hunan Normal University (211 member).
2000-2003: Reading L.L.M. at Law School, Hunan University (211 member and 985 member).   
2001    : Being invited to pay academic visit to Danish Institute of Human Rights studying international law.
Focus practices:
International business legal issues, especially those concerning natural resources and mining (iron mining, oil, gas), banking, and international investment and trade, including but not limited to business visits, due diligence, negotiations, meditations, good offices, drafting, modifying and reviewing bilingual legal documents, especially business contracts, and providing legal opinions thereupon.
From December 2006 on:
Lawyer at Junzejun Law Office, Giant & Goal Law Firm and Kaipu Law Firm;
January 2005-December 2006:
Bilingual translator/editor / reporter at Human Rights journal under China’s State Council Information Office, during which Mr. Alexander Wang conducted important interviews with VIPs in international human rights field, officials and scholars from UN and other countries, including Ms.Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Morten Kajrum, Co-president of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and Mr. Manfred Nowak, the Special Rapporteur on torture of the UN.
June 2003- January 2005:
In-house legal adviser at Shanghai Chunda Investment Group;
In China, passed the UN national competition recruitment examination (NCRE) and became a member of candidates of UN human rights affairs employees.
September 2000-June 2003:
Part-time college English teacher at Foreign Languages School and business law teacher at Law School of Hunan University.
June 1997-September 2000:
College English teacher at Foreign Languages School Hunan Agricultural University.
Appendix 1: Some recent cases / legal services by Alexander Wang
 (Mainly: conducting negotiations, mediations, good offices; drafting, modifying, and / or reviewing bilingual business contracts and other legal documents; issuing legal opinions or legal analyzing reports thereupon).
As a cooperation lawyer of legal affairs office of a subsidiary of Sinopec, continuing assisting the counterparty drafting, perfecting, translating and reviewing series of international bilingual agreements/contracts mainly related to oil and gas exploration, development, production and sales;    
The full set of legal agreements between Unisun (Beijing) and five shareholders;
The full set of legal agreements between SCD Technologies Limited and another company for establishment of a new joint investment company;
The full set of legal agreements for Antu Pipe's stock transfer;
Good offices service for an off-shore company of Russia and a Guangdong company for the purpose of solving their trade dispute (mediation, credit recover, drafting relevant documents).
1. As a cooperation lawyer of legal affairs office of a subsidiary of Sinopec, assisting the counterparty drafting, perfecting, translating and reviewing series of international bilingual agreements/contracts mainly related to oil and gas exploration, development, production and sales;
2. Heping Huarui Group Legal Affairs.
(1) Conducting negotiations, mediations, good offices; drafting, modifying, and reviewing the full set of legal documents; issuing legal opinions and legal analyzing reports and legal interpretation letters to shareholders thereupon drafting concerning M&A by and between two companies;
(2) Issuing legal opinion on the sales agency agreement of "Heping Huarui XXXX " project ;
(3) Drafting framework agreement of mining shares take-over and disposal;
  (4) Drafting framework agreement of share-purchase, take-over and disposal of mines;
  (5) Drafting fundamental DD questions list on share-purchase, take-over and disposal of mines;
  (6) Drafting cooperation consensus and agreement on mine management assistance;
(7) DD investigation questionnaire on background of a land use right transfer in Yunnan.
3. Taiximei Group Legal Services.
Legal services on M&A of two subsidiaries, mainly conducting negotiations, mediations, good offices; drafting, modifying, and reviewing the full set of legal documents; issuing legal opinions and legal analyzing reports and legal interpretation letters to shareholders thereupon;
Fire-extinguishing contract;
Legal opinion on procurement contracts of 100 million tons of coal / coking equipment.
4. Jinpei Group Legal Affairs.
Involving comprehensive legal service concerning investment in mining, agriculture and pulp in Brazil, Chile and North Korea by setting up local companies, and initial stage legal services of getting the Group to be a listed one in Hong Kong.
5. Others.
DD investigation questionnaire on purchase of a club;
Shareholder’s agreements on Kong Yi Tang XX Clinic;
Legal opinion to XX government on "XX area development and management framework agreement" ;
ThyssenKrupp (China) Limited SERVICES AGREEMENT;
Proposal of external legal services for ITS Holding.
Legal Opinions as to Whether Trademark “Q NET” Constitutes Trademark Infringement upon Trademark Rights of IQNET Association or Not; 
Legal Opinions as to Three Questions Concerning Trademark Legal Issues; 
Cooperation with Beijing IPR Promotion Department;
Contract advice for a United Kingdom software company, patent license between a foreign nvestment biotechnology company in Zhejiang and a USA company;
Royal City Commercial Building Sales Promotion Contract; 
Bank Acceptance Bill Discount Agreement;
Turnkey Contract Document for WO KILN LINES;
Design Agreement between GLAMOROUS Co.,ltd. and xxxx Company Providing the Designs for Mr. Wu’s Residence in Shenzhen.;
Translating and providing legal analyzing report on DECLARATION OF TRUST FOR THE BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION;
Legal Report upon Compensation Fee Under Employment Contracts between an Italian Company and Its Employees.
Agreement for Fabrication Supervision and Inspection Services covering the Baiyinhua Project Contract;
CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT by and among Alpharma Inc., China Agricultural University and Shen Yuan Biologineering Limited Liability Company;
LONG TERM SUPPLY AGREEMENT by and between Makhteshim Chemical Works and Dalian Raiser Pesticides;
AGENCY AGREEMENT between XXX and a University;
COMPONENT SUPPLY AGREEMENT by and between xxx _and Joy Global (Tianjin) Mining Machinery Co. Ltd.;
General Installation Terms and Conditions - Metso Lindemann GmbH;
SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT by and between xxx and “Representative”;
Manufacture and license agreement;
Equipment Sales And Purchase Agreement by and between METSO MINERALS INDUSTRIES and xxx;
Eltek's guidelines for corporate ethics;
A domain name dispute against Baidu;
Trademark license between a British wine company and XXX;
Consultant contract for a British software company;
Legal service for eight Zhejiang famous trademarks;
A trademark cooperation project between a foreign invested company and a USA company;
Power of Attorney A and Power of Attorney B of ABN AMRO Bank N.V.;
Aluminium Folie Manufacturing & Converting Agreement;
FIDIC Contract Form Plant and Design Build First Edition 1999 Particular Conditions;
Equipment Purchasing and Erecting Agreement between Shanghai Voikswagen Automotive Company Ltd and A Car Body Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd;
Secondment Agreement between Schlumberger Global Resource Limited and Schlumberger Technologies (Beijing) Limited;
Contract for Introduction of Complete Plant and Technology;
Agreement between a University and Overseas Researcher/Professor;
Design Contract for a Construction Project;
Architectural Design Agreement (Kengo Kuma and Associates);
Northern Mining Limited (ASX: NMI) and Polish Resources Giant KGHM Polska Miedz Cooperation Agreement;
Metso Minerals’ Power of Attorney;
Consulting Agreement between a company in Mauritius and a law firm;
Commission Agreement with a Tianjin Investment and Gurantee Company on Guarantee for Preservation of Rights in Litigation;
A Share Purchase and Payment Agreement with a trust company;
A Bilateral Confidentiality Agreement between an Asian fund and a company in china;
Letter of Intent by and between a USA company and a company in China;
A China asset management company Loan Sale and Purchase Agreement;
NPL Portfolio Bidding Instruction by a China asset management company.
A Construction Contract with Saudi Cement Company;
A Construction Contract with Sentosa Development Corporation/Restort World at Sentosa Pte Ltd,Singapore;
International Check Collection Service Terms with JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A.;
Credit Refinancing Agreement with Deutsche Bank;
Refinancing Instruction to Deutsche Bank;
Purchase of Documents under Letter of Credit (L/C);
XX Branch of Deutsch Bank’s(LC Negotiating Bank)Notice of Assignment to Issuing Bank.
License Agreement Terms & Conditions of Zenith Events Corporation Limited upon Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre;
Equipment Trade Contract between two Technology Companies (Beijing);
General Business Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts and Banking Facilities;
Asset Management Company Cooperation Agreement with a Mauritius Company on NPL Portfolios Cooperation Agreement.
Appendix 2: Some academic achievements
Published more than 40 academic treatises in English or Chinese on academic magazines such as Chinese Procuratorial Daily, Journal of Guangzhou University, Chinese Lawyers, Human Rights, Human Resources and Social Security, Hebei Law Science, and10 examples are as follows:
1.Yardsticks for the Measurement of Corporate Directors’ Duties (Hebei Law Science);
2.Digging out Money From Latin America: Investment and Trade Risks and Chances(Chinese Lawyers);
3.European REACH’s Requirement and Chinese Lawyers’ Mission(Chinese Lawyers);
4.Judges Bitterly Hit: Who Are Deadly Hurt? (Chinese Lawyers);
5.Jury System: Dilemmas and Breaking-through (Chinese Lawyers);
6.The Revised Law and Compulsory Education(Human Rights);
7.Measures against Sexual Harassment (Human Resources and Social Security ) ;
8.An Interview with Ms. Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights(Human Rights);
9.China’s Recent Human Rights Record: Progress and Problems (Journal of Guangzhou University);
10.Legal Supervision and Legal System Integrity (Chinese Procuratorial Daily).